YYD's Youth Mindfulness Teacher Training Program is a 10 week evening program with a daylong intensive designed for individuals who are interested in sharing the skill of mindfulness meditation with young people. Participants should have 2 years daily meditation practice (minimum), participate in a regular sitting group(or have a teacher's guidance for their practice), have participated in at least 2 7-day vipassana retreats and have a sincere desire to work with youth as a mentor & role model. Experience working with youth is recommended. 

This 35-hour training includes a range of skills for working with youth consciously. YYD encourages and supports our teachers as mentors and role models to the next generation. Skills presented include how to develop a rapport with youth as well as creating trust and safety in the classroom; How to orient your classes to a variety of age groups; Mindfulness instruction and activities appropriate for young people. Topics addressed include:how to inspire young people in the practice of mindfulness meditation, how to build trust with teens, council practice, movement games, communication skills, and issues of diversity & gender.We emphasize working with teens, however all school age children will be addressed.

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We embrace diversity, and encourage both men and women from all backgrounds to apply to our programs. For registration form follow this link

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YMTT class of Spring 2008

 YMTT class of Fall 2006